Technology News

Technology News

The following listings detail emerging technologies that play a roll in the emissions environment. This latest industrial revolution has built a momentum now entirely independent of policies, activists and pressure groups. We head towards a low emissions future because the economics of these innovations and discoveries make it practicable.

Solar-Powered Device Harvests Water from Desert Air

The future may be around the corner, with the demonstration this week of a water harvester that uses only ambient sunlight to pull liters of water out of the air each day in conditions as low as 20 percent humidity.

Solar Windows to Generate Power

A New Mexico-based maker of cadmium-free quantum dots (QDs), says that it has now achieved quantum yields in excess of 80 per cent across the visible range, and of close to 100 per cent in the orange and red parts of the spectrum. This suggests that it will be possible to incorporate the technology into efficient window “tints” that could be used in buildings to generate power.

 Graphene used to make seawater drinkable

This is a big deal and could change the lives of hundreds of millions. A graphene-based sieve has successfully turned seawater into drinking water. The technology could could help millions of people who have no ready access to clean drinking water.

New Battery Technology for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles

Energy storage is a continually evolving industry, with new devices being engineered and mature technologies undergoing refinement. Here are a few battery innovations that could give a boost to the renewable energy and electric vehicle markets.